About Us
Providing expertise in buying, selling and assaying gold
and precious metals to the wholesale industry.

Why us?

GoldKid is a leader in the dynamic field of buying and selling precious metals including gold, Krugerrands, silver and platinum.
This owner-operated company guarantees that every business deal, service and product with their name on, has integrity and
excellence at its core. Motivated by a newfound objective – to become the largest independent buyer and seller of precious
metals in Africa.

GoldKid prides itself on efficient service, quick turnaround time and systems that
ensure faultless and trustworthy measurements.

GoldKid's business practices are shaped by consistency, accuracy and trust, and it's because of this that they have a stellar
within the market. The GoldKid team deals with large and medium sized refineries as well as smaller jewelers on a
daily basis, constantly pushing their knowledge and work ethic towards bigger and better. GoldKid welcomes any company that
wants to invest in or sell gold or precious metals to come and experience a professional, reliable and competent service offering.

GoldKid's gold, Krugerrand, silver and platinum services include:

  • Buying precious metals

    Experience GoldKid's trustworthy reputation during the buying process.

  • Selling precious metals

    High quality products delivered on time by GoldKid.

  • Assaying precious metals

    Trust GoldKid's laboratory with the analysing of your precious metals.

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